Other Rates & Extras: 
• Weight rate after 4,000lbs = $0.0875 (per lb)
• Dedicated driver on-site after 2hrs+ = $35 (per hour)
• Service Before/After Hrs = $35 (per hour)
Unsecured Loads:
• Loads over 8,000lbs = $100
• Materials sticking out above the "max load level" line = To be determined
• Paint, oil, and any liquid spills from unauthorized disposal = To be determined
• Disposal of unacceptable material = To be determined



* Final price is based on whichever is greater, whether is volume, weight or time period. Full extended service rates apply regardless of the volume of the waste, weight or length of work. Avoid additional charges by notifying in advance the material you are trying to discard so we can find the most cost-effective solution. The administration reserves the right to reject any unsafe cargo and you may be required to unload any material that poses a risk to our equipment, the safety of our drivers, the environment or the general public at your own expense. All prices are subject to change without prior notice due to market fluctuations. We don't take any hazardous material, which has the potential to cause fires, explosions, harm to humans, animals, or the environment including but not limited to petroleum-based products. If you still need to dispose of these materials please call in advance to get a quote and proper/safe disposal instructions. Violators could be fined and/or prosecuted.

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