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Stuck with junk, trash or construction debris? Does your waste service provider refuse to collect your unwanted items? Missed trash day? 


If you're looking for a smart, fast, convenient, and hassle-free self-service junk removal solution then you're in the right place. JunkRush is helping people like you to save time and money in self-service junk removal.


We bring our driveway friendly dump truck to you so there's no need to pick up, drive or operate the truck at all. You load at your own pace, and when you're done we take care of the rest. Meaning that we sort all the material for proper disposal or recycling, and whenever possible we stop at donation/charity centers to repurpose items in gently used condition to help those in need.  


When it comes to multiple loads our dump truck can save you many hours of work and when requested, we can unload and come back for more loads the same or next day. Our straightforward fee structure includes any applicable tipping/dump/disposal fees. We even loan our tools at no cost to you so you can get the job done the easy way. Like a Pro!  


Simply A Better Way To Self-Service Junk Removal!

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